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Welcome to Second Mortgage, the best website for researching loan options for second mortgage refinancing and home equity online. Our team of financial consultants will help you connect with leading lenders and professional loan officers so you can secure the loan you are searching for.

Our corporation was founded in 1999 by banking executive that brought in over one hundred years of corporate experience.

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Second Mortgage recently moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, California, but we have branches and loan processing centers in most states.

If you want to rid your life of high interest loans and credit card debt with compounding interest, now is the time to consolidate your debt.

With the rising interest rates, refinancing your revolving debt that has an adjustable rate is our focus. Our mortgage loan specialists help you improve your bottom line!

Second Mortgage has helped many homeowners find the right mortgage professional in order to realize their dreams with home improvements and debt consolidation.

Second Mortgage was established to produce a refined way to get loan quotes online. After years Our distinguished lending partners identify the rare combination of being competitive, flexible, and dynamic with evolving loan programs that meet the needs of today's complex homeowners.

Our goal is to create a long-term relationship between you and the elite mortgage lenders in an effort to bring you the best financing solutions for you and your family.

After gaining many years of experience with respected national mortgage lenders, the company founders came together to form a company that delivers second mortgage liens for homeowners looking to finance online.

Company Mission and Focus

As the leading provider of subordinate financing online, our mission is to support your search for best loan and to provide valuable information for loan programs that help you reach your goals. Second Mortgage offers exceptional home equity products.

Second Mortgage locates lenders across the country specializing in mortgage refinancing and home equity loans for homeowners with all types of credit.

Another goal at Second Mortgage is to offer guidance for improved financing for homeowners with excellent or fair credit. Let our team connect you with lenders who provide many options for second mortgages with better terms than others.

Second Mortgage is the industry leader for connecting clients with refinancing and 2nd mortgage options on the Internet. At Second Mortgage, we are proud of our mission, and we bring dedication, and experience to every client one loan at a time.

Save Time and Money! Apply Now and let us help you find the perfect lender for your unique needs.

We strive to become your destination site for getting information about Second Mortgages, Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, and Credit Lines.

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