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Fixed Interest Rate Second Mortgage In 2007 more borrowers have been requesting fixed rate second mortgages more than any other home equity loan. These 2nd mortgages offer a fixed rate and fixed payment for the entire term of the loan. Even if inflation rises, and unemployment drops, the rate and payment remain unchanged.

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Popular Second Mortgage Terms

Adjustable Rate Second Mortgage
These adjustable rate 2nd mortgages, are also known as variable rate home equity loans, because the rates can vary month to month. Usually these loans are linked to an respected index like the Prime WSJ Index. Most adjustable rate second mortgage loans are equity lines of credit that only require borrowers to pay interest on the amount they actually use from the line of credit. Apply for an Adjustable Rate Second Mortgage Click Here

Interest Only Second Mortgage
Everybody loves low monthly payments, and that what the interest only second mortgage offers, Low Payments. These popular 2nds'also usually have adjustable rates so these loans aren't for the faint hearted.
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Purchase Money Second Mortgage
These second mortgage liens have been used frequently for purchase loans. The borrower purchases the home with two loans, a first mortgage up to 80% of the purchase price, and the remaining 20% is a purchase money second mortgage used as the down payment. People like this combination loans because they don't have to put as much money down, and the 20% second mortgage allows them to avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance)
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Second Mortgage Loans up to 125%
This popular program allows people with no equity to borrow, beyond the appraised value of their property. This is a great option for people who have a great rate on their 1st mortgage, and need cash but don't have any equity.
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Refinance Second Mortgage
Many people purchased their home with an adjustable rate purchase money second mortgage. Unfortunately the rates went up significantly over the last few years, and their monthly payments increased as well. Refinancing your variable rate line of credit and turning to a fixed rate second mortgage is a great idea that will save you money.
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Second Mortgage w/ Bad Credit
Managing finances in America isn't easy, and these days, it's not uncommon to be late on a mortgage payment or credit card. Bankruptcies are at an all-time high, and these credit deliquencies take their toll on people's credit scores. There are many new second mortgage programs that give people with bad credit scores a second chance.
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